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The philosophy? Flexibility. Power. Adaptability.

Picky THE most flexible and powerful Ruby search engine out there. And dare we say the best? This octopus packs a punch: offers a choice of four different index stores, incredible search and indexing customization options, can be run in a simple script, sinatra, or rails, and comes with a complete and customizable JavaScript frontend. Oh, and it’s FAST, too.

Parslet There are quite a few PEG parsers for Ruby out there. We think this is the simplest to understand, cleanest, most flexible and most powerful one. Why? Read all about it here:

Phony Ever had to render a phone number? Simple, right? Just add some dashes: “1-800-WECALLYOU”. What if you have a French number, like “+33 7 12 34 56 89”? Dashes don’t quite cut it anymore. This gem handles all the international phone number formatting etc. for you.

nanomsg Ruby bindings for the `nanomsg` library. nanomsg library is a high-performance implementation of several “scalability protocols”. This Ruby binding allows you to create work distribution topologies and do safe IPC, across threads or the network.

qemu-toolkit drastically simplifies running VMs on Illumos distributions. It allows deploying VMs in several architectural variants and has full scripting support. See the extensive man pages behind the link.

Bocuse Bocuse goes one step further than chef, by taking away all the unnecessary fusion cuisine cruft that made chef a bit too complicated for a connaisseur. This is all about the basics and good ingredients: a simple and straightforward, and very powerful DSL.

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