Software Put us to work on your software projects. We deliver quality software while keeping an eye on scope and maintainability. We want the users to be happy users.

Server Environments We develop server environments that are low maintenance. We use technologies like ZFS, KVM and Docker to make your data center rock solid. Our monitoring helps keep your servers running. We automate daily tasks until your mind is free for work again.

Coaching & Consulting We have over 10 years of experience with sustainable software development. Starting off with a simple conversation we find areas where we can help improve your current practices.

On every scale Do you need a mobile application? Or a web application? Are you creating a web of distributed applications that process data? Machine learning? Do you want to give your business a human interface? We want to help.

You can rely on us We keep deadlines. We stick to our agreements. The value we deliver to you motivates our work. We remember what agility was all about.


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